If you are dreaming of a unique and unforgettable wedding in Sardinia, you have come to the right place. I am Tania, a passionate photographer based in the enchanting scenery of Sardinia, ready to be your visual guide on one of the most special and exciting days of your life.

Empathy and listening behind the lens

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is crucial. Having a person who listens to you and understands your needs. In my 10 years of experience, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of couples from all over the world, immersing myself in their love stories to capture every emotion. A wedding in Sardinia is one of the most exclusive experiences, and we are here to guide you.

Getting married in Sardinia with the right photographer

My approach is not just that of a photographer, but a fellow traveler on your wedding journey. Before the big day, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, discuss details and create a personalized experience. It is like the creation of a custom-made wedding dress, every detail will be taken care of to reflect your uniqueness. I know the most picturesque corners of Sardinia, the sea the most beautiful sunsets, I will know how to best advise you.

On your wedding day, I will be more than a photographer. I will be by your side, ready to listen and capture every significant moment. My sensitivity, experience and artistic creativity will create tangible memories, emotions that will live on through images throughout the years.

Wedding Photographer in Sardinia

Your wedding in Sardinia needs to be remembered at its best, the Sardinian photographer knows their land best. From Olbia to the Costa Smeralda, via Golfo Aranci, Palau and Alghero. Tavolara Island are all locations for both symbolic and civil weddings, with spectacular nature. We are in Olbia and move throughout Sardinia.

Celebrate your wedding in Sardinia

As a wedding photographer in Sardinia with over 10 years of experience, your special day becomes my canvas, ready to be painted with laughter, tears and genuine emotions. Every shot is imbued with my passion for telling unique love stories. Immortalizing your wedding is not just a job for me; it is a dedication to creating indelible memories. I am here to capture not just images, but the soul of your love, so that you can relive that magical day every time you flip through your wedding album. Choose a professional who puts her heart into every wedding photograph in Sardinia, your visual storyteller dedicated to making your love unique.

We are Tania & Raffaele, wedding photographers in Italy, ready to share with you the magic of modern style in extraordinary locations. Together with Raffaele, we are here to turn your special day into an unforgettable adventure.
Let our experience and creativity guide you, because your wedding in Italy deserves not only to be experienced, but to be told with passion, authenticity and a modern look.

Starting from Sardinia, passing through Tuscany, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and all the other beauties of our magical country.

Our philosophy with wedding photography

Our philosophy is slow photography, an artisanal approach, respecting your story and incorporating our creativity.
We are the ones who like to travel ‘ window seat’, who take a slow approach to photography, capturing each moment with handcrafted care.
Photography needs timing, which also reflects your personality and our creativity. In a world running at supersonic speed, we go against the grain, because we are convinced that the photos we deliver to you, twenty years from now will have immortal relevance and appeal.

We tell weddings in Italy

Immersed in the world of weddings in Italy, we know how crucial it is to have experts on your side who understand the essence of each couple. Every love story is unique, and we, as passionate storytellers, are here to capture not just images, but the emotions that make your wedding unique.

Our background and experience in the industry allow us to anticipate every significant moment, resulting in an authentic and engaging tale. We immerse ourselves in your day without being intrusive, becoming part of your environment without interfering with the spontaneity of the moment. We are unobtrusively present, capturing sincere laughter and affectionate gestures, documenting your special day as silent witnesses.

Our mission is to be not just photographers, but creators of memories, capturing the unique experiences that make your wedding extraordinary.

Immersed in the heart of your wedding

We immerse ourselves in your day without being intrusive, becoming part of your environment without interfering with the spontaneity of the moment. We are unobtrusively present, capturing sincere laughter and affectionate gestures, documenting your special day as silent witnesses. Our mission is to be not just photographers, but creators of memories, capturing the unique experiences that make your wedding extraordinary.

Laughing, Crying, Celebrating

A wedding is a kaleidoscope of emotions, from laughter to tears, from unbridled joy to wild celebrations. We are here to capture every nuance of this spectacle, to make tangible the smiles, tears of happiness and contagious energy of the celebration. With our attention to detail, we make sure that every special moment becomes a precious fragment of your wedding story.

The special relationship with each couple

Every couple is unique, and our goal is to create a special relationship with you. We are here as friends, as confidants, as witnesses to your emotions. The bond we create goes beyond the photo shoot; we become a point of reference, understanding and caring, ready to make your day an unforgettable experience.

With us, you will not only get extraordinary wedding photographs in Italy, but you will have true travel companions. We are Tania and Raffaele, ready to become an integral part of your love story and make your wedding an indelible chapter in your life. We are here to celebrate with you, laugh with you, cry with you, because your story deserves to be told in an authentic and passionate way.

Laura & Kevin:

Working with Tania for our destination wedding in Italy was such a great experience! We got to know Tania and Raffaele a year before our wedding when they did our engagement photo shoot. The photos came out so beautifully we were even more excited for our wedding photos! Fast forward to this year, we had an amazing wedding and the photos we received from Tania were beyond our expectations! Tania tells the story of our special day by capturing tender moments and candid emotions. We will cherish the memories we have through our photos forever! I highly recommend working with Tania

Laura & Kevin – Lake Maggiore, Italy

If you are looking for the ideal photographer for your wedding in Sardinia, you have come to the right place. We are here to capture not only the special moments, but the very essence of your day, with a unique view of the Costa Smeralda, the beauty of an island that will be the setting for your unforgettable wedding.

If you are dreaming of a wedding in Sardinia that is not just an event, but an indelible chapter in your love story, you have come to the right place. We want to make every moment of your big day a memory that goes beyond mere photographs, an authentic tale that speaks of your uniqueness and the special bond we share.

We are your exclusive wedding photographers

Wedding Photography in Sardinia: Capturing the Magic of Weddings amidst the beaches of the Costa Smeralda and dream locations with Style and Elegance”.

We are more than just photographers; we are storytellers of love stories. With an empathic approach, we capture authenticity and emotion in every shot. Our professionalism is reflected at every stage, from the initial consultation to the delivery of the final photographs. Your day will be stress-free, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment.

Experience the Magic of Your Wedding in Sardinia: A Unique Story, Written with Love and Dedication

When we think of marriage, we don’t just see an event. We see an important chapter in each couple’s unique story, a moment when emotions, details and love come together in an unforgettable tale. We are here to be the guardians of that tale, especially when the stage is the magnificent beauty of Sardinia.

Authentic Listening from the First Mail

Our commitment starts from the first message or email. We want to listen to you in order to give you our best, to arrive at the moment of standing in front of the lens should be stress-free. Our approach is friendly and empathetic because we believe that only by listening with the heart can we capture the deepest essence of your love.

A limited number of events to give the maximum

We dedicate our efforts to a select number of weddings each year. We do not want to be simply photographers, but attentive storytellers, ready to capture every significant moment of your special day. We travel to narrate, and beyond Sardinia we travel to Tuscany, Lake Maggiore and wherever a couple chooses us for our style

A special connection that only photography can create

We are more than a team of photographers. Raffaele and I are a couple in life and in this extraordinary adventure in photography and video. We love sunny, friendly people who know how to share their emotions. Many are the couples with whom we have established a beautiful friendship. Photography creates strong connections

Emotions in Motion: Photos and Videos That Tell

In addition to capturing magical moments through photographs, Raffaele creates emotional videos that are true visual poems. Small fragments full of emotions, capturing the authentic essence of your day. In our studio in Olbia, Tania creates black and white portraits, capturing the depth of the soul with an artistic gaze.

Explore Beyond the Emerald Coast: A Land to Discover Together

Beyond the Costa Smeralda, there is a whole island to discover. Forests that tell ancient secrets, mountains that guard thousands of years of history, waterfalls that sing melodies of pure beauty. We are here to guide you through this fascinating land, to turn every moment of your wedding into an extraordinary adventure.

Start your journey with us, where every shot and every video are the words of a story that unfolds with passion and authenticity. Contact us today and immerse yourself in the magic of your wedding in Sardinia with us by your side, ready to write the next chapter of your love story.

An engagement photoshoot in Tuscany

There was no better way to start the autumn season than with Will’s proposal to Melissa.

Florence and beloved Tuscany was their choice.
My romantic soul as an eternal lover of life immediately led me to fantasize about how to make their photos.
Immediately some of my favorite movies came to mind: Notting Hill, Pretty Woman , Roman Holiday etc.
So when I got the message from Melissa’s best friend from California, who had noticed my work and absolutely wanted me to shoot the photo shoot in Florence, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Within a couple of days I got tickets to leave for Florence, and with Raffaele fly to the destination.
A city that has always remained in my heart, with all the history and culture, but benches for the wonderful people who live there.

We monitored the weather forecast, because it was not the best, and our appointment set for Tuesday morning had to be moved to Monday afternoon.
Melissa and Will’s enthusiasm rubbed off on us right away, and at our meeting in front of Santa Maria del Fiore it was immediately clear that we were going to have a good time and whatever downpour would come would not stop us.
Those who know us know how much we can put people at ease; our initial embrace proved that immediately.

You can tell right away when there are good vibes in the air!

Florence’s overcast sky allowed us to craft an almost cinematic narrative; everything was more muffled, the sounds, the people , the traffic. We went into the streets of the historic center, Piazza della Signoria, Santa Maria del Fiore, the statue of David, the Uffizi, and to finish we could not forget Ponte Vecchio.
The smells of the little restaurants, the soft late afternoon lights, our laughter and stories, and even a bit of Italian-style English.

A great thrill for Will & Melissa, being surrounded by so much beauty, for us a myriad of cues, made our imaginations gallop.
I am more and more convinced that we do wonderful work, with wonderful people.
Being chosen to create a dream makes us excited, and only with people with as much enthusiasm can we achieve such exciting results.

We couldn’t end this afternoon together without raising a glass, over a spritz, surrounded by the historic buildings of Florence.
After all, La Dolce Vita is a bit of all that, loving, enjoying the beautiful and spending time savoring what surrounds us.

Raffaele realized this little video,


We are excited to tell your story as well, click the button and check availability

Over the years, I have had the privilege of capturing wonderful marriage proposal in Sardinia, a unique moment in dreamlike locations. Capturing the emotion and happiness of those couples as they declared eternal love to each other in breathtaking scenery was an unforgettable experience. Sardinia offers a perfect setting for these special occasions, with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes.

Great emotions in exclusive location

The marriage proposal is a moment of great delicacy and emotion, both for those who have to propose and for us photographers who have to capture that unique moment. Each proposal takes place in different settings, in special and unique locations. Many engaged couples seek maximum privacy and choose to travel to small islands by boat, while others prefer to reserve exclusive venues in Costa Smeralda and other fascinating locations. Read on to discover the most striking locations we had the honor of capturing in our photographs.

Why choose our dedicated marriage proposal photography service

Simple, because we want to capture every moment of that unique day in your life, full of emotion, surprise and, of course, the precious response of the beloved one. With our photo shoot, accompanied by a breathtaking video, we will create an indelible memory of that magical moment. Our discreet presence and the professionalism will ensure that you can experience your special moment without interference. We will be dedicated to capturing every look, every smile and every tear of joy, creating a visual narrative that you can relive and share with family and friends.

Jackson & Blair’s proposal in Spargi, Maddalena Archipelago.

In June, we were contacted to document a very special wedding proposal. Jackson and Blair, vacationing on the Emerald Coast aboard the yacht Alta’s captain, had an extraordinary idea: a marriage proposal in a unique and wild place, the island of Spargi in the Maddalena archipelago. The captain of the yacht was determined to surprise the couple. We meticulously organized to ensure a perfect experience. With great excitement, together with skipper Byron, we reached a cove on the island of Spargi, a real hidden gem.

The Proposal

When they arrived, they found a lovely setup with bottles of champagne chilled on the sand, ready to celebrate the special moment. It was a truly incredible moment. The excitement was palpable in every moment, and that long-awaited response was greeted with joy and happiness. A memory that will be forever etched in the hearts of Jackson, Blair and all those who were able to see through the photo and video shoot that magical proposal.

To celebrate the yes, the couple had lunch at one of Sardinia’s most renowned restaurants, La Scogliera in Cala Coticcio. Together with their closest loved ones, who had come especially from the United States, they shared a moment of conviviality and joy, now looking forward to the wedding.
Our adventure that began in the morning with sailing to Spargi ended with our arrival at the Phi Beach dock in the afternoon. A beautiful adventure that gave us many good vibes.
The pictures and videos tell the magic of that day, making tangible the love and happiness of that special couple.”

If you also want to have unforgettable memories contact me and book our exclusive and dedicated services


To be Sardinia destination wedding and event photographer in Emerald Coast, Porto Cervo.

The Emerald Coast began its history in the 1960s, the same years as Federico Fellini’s Dolce Vita, the iconic film that gave us a new understanding of the beauty of lifestyle in Italy.
So begins the Dolce Vita of the Costa Smeralda with Porto Cervo, where exclusive parties are held in the exclusive villas created by world-renowned architects, with VIPs from all over the world.
During the most fun and exclusive parties we realize our photo and video services.


We are Sardinia destination wedding photographers

Special attention to elopements, intimate and evocative celebrations, where the bride and groom can create alternative and unique situations.
Many couples who choose Sardinia for their destination wedding love the Dolce Vita style, or more simply an original and completely personalized celebration.
Our couples are original and alternative.
We photograph unforgettable emotions in unique locations surrounded by dreamy scenery.
Couples in love with life, originality, surrounded by the most important people in life and the love of family.

Hotel Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo

Sardinia is increasingly desired internationally to hold exclusive events and dream weddings.
Its location in the center of the Mediterranean, surrounded by an incredible sea, gives it a unique charm.
Those who choose Sardinia and its natural beauty as a setting, whether the beaches or the islands of La Maddalena, the vineyards or the inland hills, will have a unique experience.

“Life in Sardinia is perhaps the best a man can hope for. Twenty-four thousand kilometers of forests, countryside, and coastline immersed in a miraculous sea should coincide with what I would advise the good Lord to give us as paradise.”

Fabrizio de André


Our studio with decades of experience in photography was born right here.
Knowing the area, the distances, the most attractive places, we advise all our clients in the best possible way.

Many services both photo and video for couples traveling as a simple vacation, but also for those on their honeymoon who decide to give themselves a memory by choosing our services.
Couples from all over the world, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Lebanon, Swiss etc want the photo service that will forever remember their wedding in Costa Smeralda, or the simple vacation in Sardinia.

Besides couples many private events in villas or exclusive venues such as Ritual in Baja Sardinia, Hotel Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, Poltu Quadu, San Pantaleo.


Sardinia a land of thousands of years of history and a proud and welcoming people.

Organizing an event in Sardinia gives you a unique experience, the traditions, the food, the scents of Mediterranean maquis, myrtle and helichrysum, and the sincere hospitality of the people.
All this needs to be remembered and relived, thanks to our photography and video service.
Our unique and personal works will be preserved in your family for years to come.

Non avevo mai scattato un matrimonio intimo prima del 2017, prima dell’incontro con Jessie e Thomas per il loro elopement wedding a Porto Cervo.

Se ti stai chiedendo in cosa consistono gli elopement wedding, lascia che ti racconti la storia e la scelta dei miei dolcissimi – e innamoratissimi – sposi…

L’elopement wedding fino a pochi anni fa era per me e per il mondo wedding italiano una novità. Jessie e Thomas, la mia bellissima coppia tedesca, fu la prima a chiedermi un servizio fotografico e video per un matrimonio intimo in Sardegna. Sarò sincera, inizialmente quando li conobbi ero titubante perché non avevo mai scattato per una cerimonia di questo tipo, ma dovetti ricredermi nel momento in cui mi raccontarono la loro storia…

Elopement wedding a Porto Cervo, giurarsi amore eterno in un luogo emblematico

Jessie e Thomas mi spiegarono che la scelta della location non era assolutamente casuale. Si trattava infatti dello stesso luogo in cui si erano visti e conosciuti per la prima volta.
Non a caso la destinazione rappresenta l’elemento che ben identifica un elopement wedding. Si può scegliere una qualunque zona del mondo, l’importante è che sia un luogo significativo per i futuri sposi.

I matrimoni intimi in Sardegna come per l’appunto oggi gli elopement wedding, sono molto in voga soprattutto tra i giovani sposi stranieri, innamorati della bellezza della nostra terra che spesso si tramuta nella loro “seconda casa”.

Guardarsi negli occhi… ritrovare la magia del primo incontro

Il matrimonio intimo è una scelta del tutto personale dettata dalla voglia di esprimere un forte sentimento, quello di ritrovarsi da soli nel proprio posto del cuore, circondati da un mix d’emozioni speciali e profonde, quelle dell’AMORE.

La promessa di Jessie e Thomas, circondata dalla bellezza unica della mia isola, mi ha fatto commuovere e scoprire un nuovo mondo fatto di meraviglia, intimità ed esclusività. Quella degli scorci più belli della Costa Smeralda.

Ed è proprio grazie a loro e a questa esperienza che ho avuto il piacere di avvicinarmi a questo nuovo mondo e diversa visione del wedding day, andando oltre i canonici schemi.

Ed è sempre grazie a Jessie e Thomas che ho deciso di dedicarmi maggiormente alle celebrazioni intime, dove la componente emotiva è ancor più il fulcro centrale di ogni singolo scatto.

Let’s go!

Se ti affascinano gli elopement wedding e desideri un servizio fotografico dedicato, clicca qui!

Questo 2022 è iniziato con tantissima energia e nuovi progetti fantastici. Prima di ripartire però con i matrimoni in Sardegna 2022 delle mie adorate coppie, desidero raccontarti cosa è accaduto in questi mesi in preparazione della stagione…

Partiamo da lei, la formazione professionale che non si è mai fermata tra corsi, webinar e zoom infiniti.

A febbraio ho partecipato a Verona nella bellissima Villa Ormaneto al retreat organizzato dalla Alessandra Campagnola Academy, due giorni dedicati al networking tra professioniste del settore wedding, al personal branding e anche al buon cibo e relax.

In seguito ho deciso di iscrivermi in due associazioni di categoria ANFM e Fearless Photographer,  oltre ad essere socia di TAU Visual già dal 2014. Questo perché ritengo che il confronto, tra colleghi provenienti da tutto il mondo, sia un modo costruttivo di affrontare qualunque professione.

Poi arriva Maggio e inizia con un pieno di energia, partiamo per partecipare al Way Up North, il convegno internazionale che riunisce i destination wedding photographer più creativi. Organizzato al Cinema Troisi di Trastevere a Roma. Tre giorni insieme a centinaia di colleghi e colleghe da tutta Europa. Era quello che ci voleva, grandi ispirazioni e tante good vibes!

Ovviamente non ci siamo fatti mancare pranzetti e cene nelle trattorie tipiche.

Matrimoni in Sardegna 2022: the new season is coming!

Ora si fa sul serio, si ricomincia a scattare!

Con maggio la stagione wedding è partita ufficialmente, elopement, destination wedding, intimate wedding insieme ai servizi fotografici per famiglie in vacanza o in luna di miele. Non mancheranno anche alcuni servizi editoriali dedicati

Nozze tra le bellezze della Costa Smeralda e non solo…

Cosa ci aspetta? Tantissime coppie innamorate e tantissime belle emozioni da raccontare. Poi tanti km, andremo a: Alghero, Pula, Golfo Aranci, Porto Rotondo, San Teodoro, Porto Cervo, San Pantaleo solo per iniziare. Conoscerò coppie che hanno scelto la Sardegna che arrivano sia da regioni d’Italia che dall’Olanda, la Francia, l’America, Inghilterra e Germania.

Avrò poi il piacere di aiutare una collega sul Lago di Como e a Torino, e non vedo l’ora di raccontarvi anche questa nuova esperienza.

Le parole chiave per questo 2022:


Let’s go!

E tu sei pronta a dare voce alla tua storia d’amore in Sardegna e renderla indelebile nel tempo? Se la risposta è sì, clicca qui!

Quello di Mavi e Simon rappresenta l’idea di destination wedding in Sardegna che amo. Sì, perché oltre ad essere una coppia fantastica, il loro sogno di nozze sin dal primo istante è sempre stato solo uno, una giornata fatta di spensieratezza, gioia e ovviamente amore.

Dopo un primo incontro telefonico, ho voluto incontrarli nel mio studio, ad Olbia, per conoscerci personalmente. Un incontro avvenuto in realtà a poco più di due mesi dalle nozze ma che ha sancito il vero inizio del nostro “viaggio” insieme.

Già dal primo sguardo avevo capito che il loro sarebbe stato un matrimonio di quelli che piacciono a me, senza regole prestabilite, all’aria aperta, circondati dagli amici più cari e le persone più importanti. La location scelta l’Hotel Cala Cuncheddi a due passi da Olbia.

Loro sono Mavi e Simon e questo è il racconto del loro giorno più bello in Sardegna, pieno di energia, allegria, emozioni e divertimento…

Destination Wedding in Sardegna, un “Sì, lo voglio!” a piedi nudi sul prato, a due passi dal mare…

Mavi è italiana di Milano, Simon tedesco e vivono a Berlino. La cerimonia è stata celebrata sul prato ma vista mare all’Hotel Cala Cuncheddi. Un momento intimo circondato da uno scenario meraviglioso, tra il granito e la macchia mediterranea tipica dell’isola.

A fare da sfondo al “Sì!” più importante della loro vita, c’era lui, l’arco con pizzo macramè realizzato personalmente e con particolare bravura dalla stessa Mavi. Un dettaglio d’ispirazione bohémienne impreziosito da una delicata composizione floreale.

Anche l’arrivo della sposa non poteva che essere diverso e con una piccola “sorpresa”… Presa dall’emozione del momento, il bouquet è stato lasciato nella camera dell’hotel ma prontamente sostituito da un mazzo decorativo riempiendo l’aria di allegria. A rendere tutto più emozionante poi, gli occhi di Simon, pieni d’amore come anche la celebrazione da parte degli amici e le amorevoli dediche dei due papà in lingua tedesca e in italiano tra risate e commozione. Uno dei momenti che più mi è rimasto nel cuore!

La bellezza della natura come cornice per il reportage di nozze in Sardegna

Per le foto di coppia desideravo un posto unico, ho scelto così per il loro servizio fotografico la piccola spiaggia incastonata tra le rocce, adiacente all’hotel, con la luce del tramonto a rendere l’atmosfera ancora più magica. Il ricevimento invece, ha preso vita a partire dall’aperitivo ricchissimo di prodotti tipici, per proseguire poi con la cena nel ristorante della wedding venue, sotto una veranda fronte prato, scandita da canti e risate.

Per finire poi con il party nell’anfiteatro sancito dall’immancabile taglio della torta.

Un destination wedding in stile bohémienne quello di Mavi e Simon che mi ha permesso di esprimermi e divertirmi attraverso l’obiettivo grazie alla bellezza del luogo ma soprattutto alla scelta degli sposi, del tutto alternativa al solito matrimonio. Alla freschezza e alla genuinità della coppia, alla loro disponibilità durante l’intera giornata, ai loro splendidi sorrisi, felicità e al coinvolgimento dei loro meravigliosi invitati.

Una volta terminata la post-produzioni sulle loro fotografie, abbiamo organizzato una call con zoom, è stato un bellissimo momento in cui hanno potuto rivivere ogni istante, soprattutto di cose accadute di cui non avevano più memoria. Alla fine della call ho consegnato loro la gallery privata da cui poter condividere e scaricare ogni singola foto.

Dopo qualche giorno ho ricevuto il loro ringraziamento che con piacere condivido con voi:

Tania con i suoi scatti ha saputo catturare con semplicità e bellezza, le risate, la spontaneità e l’amore che hanno riempito il giorno del nostro matrimonio. Ricordi meravigliosi condivisi con persone speciali, che custodiremo per sempre.

Grazie di Cuore!

Mavi & Simon

Engagement a Venezia, servizio fotografico di coppia

Una magia indimenticabile a Venezia

Incontrarsi a Venezia per realizzare un servizio fotografico di coppia in una delle città più belle del mondo.

Circondati da tanta bellezza abbiamo passeggiato tra le calle veneziane, immersi completamente in questa atmosfera unica.

Insieme a Raffaele abbiamo realizzato anche un video per TaRa Produzioni, una piccola chicca che racchiude in pochi minuti un pomeriggio indimenticabile. Il servizio di engagement è uno dei servizi che preferisco, lontani dallo stress di preparativi complicati, in una città o location a scelta, si organizza insieme e si lascia correre la fantasia. La spontaneità viene fuori dopo i primi minuti di scatti, una passeggiata, una frase sussurrata all’orecchio, piccoli gesti che ricorderete per sempre.

Venezia panorama, engagement di coppia

La passione per i viaggi unita al lavoro più bello che si possa fare, quello di raccontare le emozioni delle persone, rendono tutto ancora più importante per me.

Incontrare così tante persone che si amano la ritengo da sempre una grande fortuna.

La spontaneità è alla base dell’engagement, si ride tanto, si entra in sintonia con la macchina fotografica che per magia scompare tra una risata e l’altra. Al centro di tutto ci siete voi, e i ricordi che saranno indelebili per sempre!

Engagement on Venice
Engagement a Venezia, Tania Mura Fotografia, servizio fotografico di coppia

Tania Mura Fotografia Engagement Photography Session

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